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FAQ : Historic Barn Parks

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can the Cathedral Barn hold?

The barn has space to accomodate approximately 200+ people for seated events and 300+ people for standing receptions.

What does it cost to rent the venue?

The cost to rent the venue is dependent upon the date, the time of year, a weekday versus a weekend, and a few other variables. For specific pricing and details, please contact us directly.

Is there a deposit required?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at time of signing. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the event.

What does the venue include?

Rental of the barn provides you with an unfurnished room to include floor space measuring 101' x 35', a large prep kitchen for catering purposes, restrooms, lighting, heating and cooling. All other items, including tables, chairs, display spaces, booths, linen, decor, kitchen supplies, serving utensils, cutlery, and plate services must be provided by the renter.

When can we access the facility for setup?

Access will be granted as early as 8am on the day of the scheduled event. This applies to both the renter and/or any vendor(s) hired to provide equipment or services. Earlier access (such as the day prior) is based solely on availability and subject to an additional early setup fee. For specific pricing and details, please contact us directly.

What time must my event end?

Music and/or entertainment must be cut off on or before 10pm local time for all outdoor activity. For all indoor activity, music and/or entertainment must be cut off on or before 11pm local time. Your guests must leave the facility by 12am.

When will teardown need to occur?

Immediately upon the conclusion of the event, ninety (90) additional minutes will be allotted for teardown purposes. All items must be removed from the facility, to include all rental equipment provided by any vendors. Access (such as the day after) for teardown is based solely on availability and subject to an additional teardown fee. For specific pricing and details, please contact us directly.

Are there restrictions to decorating?

The use of nails, pins, staples, glue, or tape on walls, floors, doors, windows, or the ceiling are strictly prohibited. Helium balloons and/or confetti, glitter, or any material similar to that along with fog or smoke machines are also prohibited. Candles may be used with the approval of the Venue Manager and must be contained in glass.

Can we have food and/or beverage during our event?

Catering services, including the preparation or distribution of any food or beverages, may be performed by a licensed caterer of your choosing. Alcohol may be served during the event provided the necessary insurance requirements are adhered to by both the renter and the caterer.

Is cooking permitted on-site?

Cooking indoors is strictly prohibited. You and/or the caterer may setup cooking stations outside as directed by the Venue Manager.

Do we need to remove trash and clean the facility after the event?

The renter and the caterer will need to provide indoor and/or outdoor trash receptables (with liners) for the event, as needed. Any trash (to include boxes) must be removed from the building and disposed of off-site. Each party is responsible for removal of their own trash, with the exception of trash specific to the restrooms. The facility must be left in the same condition

Where can we take pictures?

The grounds at Historic Barns Park are yours to use for photo opportunities.

Is the facility handicap accessible?

Yes. Historic Barns Park is ADA accessible.

Where will my guests park?

No motor vehicles are allowed at Historic Barns Park except in designated parking areas or except those conveying specialized equipment for the event. There is a parking lot designated for all event guests located a short distance from the event venue. Transportation and shuttle services or other arrangements to accommodate off-site parking are the responsibility of the renter and are strongly recommended.

The Cathedral Barn at

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